A local architect early in her career designed the original 950 square foot house. We liked the design of the original house and believed it was an asset not only to the owners but also to the community. Maintaining its integrity was important. In addition to attaching 2800 sf, which included a large living and office area, two bedrooms and three baths, we sought to take a positive position in the new Westlake paradigm by embracing the original design and minimizing the visual impact from the street.

The addition compliments the original building gable with a roof form that was a direct response to the program of the upper level, opening up to views of the hills of the backyard while the existing gable serves as the formal entry to the project. The two roof forms are separated and connected by a transparent bar that functions as living and office. The new bedroom wing engages the transparent bar to provide separation between the living and the office.

This project utilizes a structural steel frame, which allowed us to execute details that would not be possible with wood. A rigid frame not only facilitated the execution of the derivative roof shape of the bedroom volume but it allowed us to express that shape on the interior unobstructed by color ties or bracing that would of otherwise been required. Steel was also a critical component in the execution of the lower roof as well with seven foot overhangs that taper to almost nothing and supported which is supported on just a few columns with no lateral bracing in the column line. To get to the very point of the taper a structural stainless steel soffit and roof termination system was used. From stain less the soffit transitions to cedar and then to drywall over an one inch reveal which is used for the supply of conditioned air. Lighting and mechanical is integrated into the drywall ceiling, keeping the cedar soffit free from registers and fixtures. Surrounding nature, light and motion are drawn inside to create an expansive feel with three sets of ten-foot wide doors that open the room to breeze and sounds of the pool waterfall.