Shoal Creek

The Balaji residence presents a modern possibility of living, with an intimate interweaving of interior and exterior spaces, permeated by abundant natural light. Upon entry, a transparent foyer reveals a linear courtyard with a pool sliding out toward the cliffs of Shoal Creek. A private wing of bedrooms aligns one side and a series of community spaces unfold along the other flank, culminating in a full-height, screen-enclosable patio. The pool and patio are in close proximity to each other, both covered and served by an outdoor kitchenette. Since the kitchen bookends the living space, the cabinetry composition was designed to create an intriguing balance of function and art, with rich material contrast. The various bathroom vanities are most expressive through playful forms, colors and fixtures. The spirit of the building’s layout is to embrace a slice of the outdoors, with a dynamic focus shifting beyond to the natural boundary of Shoal Creek.